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10th kingdom, 1776, american pie 2, anime, anne rice, anthony hopkins, austin powers, bauhaus, big wolf on campus, big wolf slash, blazing saddles, books, brent spiner, bruce campbell, bwoc, bwoc slash, captain jack sparrow, cats, cemataries, charlie/claire, classical music, cloud dancing, danny smith, drawing, edward scissorhands, elijah wood, evil dead, eyeliner-toting johnny depp, faeries, fairly oddparenets, fairuza balk, fan fiction, fantasy, freddy krueger, frodo, frodo baggins, gackt, gillian anderson, godsmack, goldmember, goth, gothic, halloween, hannibal lecter, hobbits, horror, horror movies, invader zim, jack osbourne, jack sparrow, jackie chan, jason biggs, julian sands, legend, legolas, lord of the rings, lost, lotr, lupinstache, merton dingle, merton j dingle, merton/tommy, mike myers, mini movie icons, monty python, mpreg, murphy brown, pervy hobbit fancier, pirates of the caribbean, playstation, potc, potc icons, princess mononoke, pumpkin carving, reading, remus lupin, ren faire, renaissance faires, renfaires, robert-pattinson's-seedy-opium-den-of-doom, rocky horror picture show, ryan stiles, scott cohen, seth green, severus snape, shanghai noon, silence of the lambs, slash, snape, spaceballs, the 10th kingdom, the bail, the city drive, the crow, the cure, tim burton, tommy/merton, troma, vampires, velvet goldmine, video games, warwick davis, wayne brady, werewolves, witchcraft, wolf, wolves, x-files
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